A Life Well-Lived

To he who holds the Truth in his hand,

more shall be handed;

he who doesn’t hold the Truth,

even the little he has shall be taken away.

Be your Self, especially when approaching death.’

~ Gospel of Thomas

How chaotic it all may seem, though once one raises awareness outside of their immediate environment the dance of existence can be seen with greater clarity. To be a Watcher perched at the clearest vantage point, perspective is key in this round of Life. All too easily may we be caught in the bramble and thicket, all too easy it is to give in and accept the role of the victim held at the mercy of Man or the Divine. Too readily people offer themselves as the scapegoat, as if martyrdom in existence absolves them from any continuance of toil and strife.

Embrace all that Fate gives you! ‘Take all that you are given..’ after all. She has offered us Life, the playground of Body, Soul and Spirit if one would forgive such an analogy. We have all been given a measure, an incomparable gift from the Sisters, and one that is enlivened and enlightened by Himself. A gift demands a gift, one must not forget this, the time-honoured tradition of ‘gyfu’, whilst the gift of Life isn’t a commodity which Man can give in reciprocity, as that is the prerogative of the Divine, what Man can give in return is a life well-lived. ‘Give all of yourself’.

Within the peak of the summertide, a vast array of colours and forms have seduced the senses up to this point. It can be seem quite ‘natural’ to lose oneself to the glamour of form, to be intoxicated by the lushness of phenomenal existance, to be caught staring at the proverbial finger rather than the moon. Such a vast array of form of existence is gifted so that Man is able to perceive every possible facet of the Divine. Are we looking at merely a form in itself or merely even a shadow cast by fire’s light on a cave wall? Either view at the expense of the other is quite limiting, as our world of existence is indeed the prism in which the light of the Divine is refracted in order that it may be apprehended and known fully. Truly, as when a landscape is explored in its entirety it may be better understood and respected a great deal more, so the smith tempers the Master’s blade knowing fully its constituent materials.

The maxim states that which is above is like that which is below, let us think also that which is within is like that which is without. Following this thread, as the outer form is experienced in a multitude of ways, are we to expect any lack in that which we experience internally? It is commonly considered that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that not all which has place in the forge of existance appeals to the entirety of Man and their collective senses. This view may be continued with the variation of experience as we follow the thread woven and measured for each of us. Not every experience, thought or feeling will always be considered that it has worth or merit, not every experience will seem pleasurable to those subject to it just as not everything is pleasing to one’s eye. All serves a purpose, all experiences are gifted within our Wyrd. We are instructed to ‘Know Thyself’, yet how much of our Selves can we truly know if all that is experienced is pleasurable and stays within boundaries of comfort? This would prove to give a very limited scope of life, and would show a very limited selection of our capabilities, our thresholds, our values and our aspirations.

With courage and fortitude shall life and all of the experiences it offers be faced, like the Hero on the quest will adversary be welcomed, as trials will serve to aid the complete discovery of Self in every facet, just as the Divine is refracted through existence entire. Shall one shrink away at every case of adversity? No, let the words of ancestry stir forth the resolve to overcome:

‘The lame can ride horses, the hand-less drive herds;

the deaf can fight and do well;

better blind than be burned;

no one has use for a corpse.’

~ Havamal, 71

Let us not be intoxicated by all that would distract us from the Great Work, whether it be the allure of material gain, self-pity or self-depreciation for that matter, let not our existence revolve around temporal dramas uncomfortable to the egoic self.

I stood bravely

in the middle of the world;

I came in a body.

I found them drunk!

None were thirsty.’

~ Gospel of Thomas

Instead let us thirst for all that life can throw at us, in order that we can better know ourselves and so the Divine. Let us lead a life well-lived.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

The Feast of Illuminative Fire

What a blessed or cursed position we as Man have been placed, an opinion based on individual perspective. Truly, a walker between worlds. Neither fully primal nor fully divine. A child of promise. Each a Christ-child if one would like, born to a meagre state of being, yet a state that may allow the inherent spirit through the medium of soul to ascend to the numinous height of Divine regents in the ‘here and now’.

An interesting concept to talk about, an uncomfortable reality for one to try and realise.

Yes, talk is easy, talk can be silenced, talk can be quickly forgotten, talk can change with the wind. Fewer are the risks when one merely talks of such an idea. But how far does ‘talk’ take one along spirit’s journey? Remember; ‘actions speak louder than words’.

Thought. Word. Deed. Consequence. Repeat.

A simple alchemy of existence, a considered approach to transmute base behaviours to a golden standard.

We must first experience a baptism of water before the baptism from the fire of Fate is bestowed. We must first experience psychic renewal before pneumatic blessing is granted. The degradation of base patterns and habits leave an empty vessel to allow the regeneration of Mind. Renewed Mind shall promote worthy and honourable deeds, which shall grant a fated consequence, whether a consequence of blessing or bane is of no matter as all is but grist to the Mill as we work toward the transmutation of Self.

Not until this baptism of water, this psychic renewal, this regeneration of Mind has been undertaken will the spirit of the Divine descend upon the individual soul. Not until degradation or emptying has been achieved can the vessel of Self be filled with the grace of the Divine.

Quietened ego allows for better suited acoustics for any measure of Grace bestowed. Let this lead to purified thought, followed by pure word and then deed, let yourself be in Fate, not at odds with the flow of consequence, but willing to accept the baptism of fire, the pneumatic awakening as the Divine Self is then fully realised.

Yet what arrests such aspiration? Is it fear of losing what we have learned to think of as ourselves, our persona? Is it fear of losing societal standing, losing face within social circles? Is it a lack of belief that there is indeed more than what we can ‘achieve’ or ‘acquire’ in this game of Life?

To be granted death before dying dispels these fears and affirms the trust of the Other beyond. Death equals initiation. Man does not initiate, that is the prerogative of the Divine. Man is the prophet, at best the preacher in the wilderness that baptises by the waters of repentance and cleansing. The prophet is the signpost, the guide. Only through this initial baptism and all that it entails will the path be progressed upon, initiation will not occur prior to the preliminary Work. Initiation, though the sanction of the Divine isn’t the goal or destination in itself, just as death isn’t the end goal and the final aspiration of the mystic, it is but a crossroads and to offer yourself to the cross is to choose death and transcendence granted therefrom. As Fate decrees initiation through its Divine hand of Providence, know that there is no reversal, just as the fire cremates the cadaver to ashes, the lick of its baptism is an irreversible succour.

What a curious creature Humanity is? Primal and Divine, we are born of stars and certain breeds wish for death before dying. We can lead each other only so far before it rests on the shoulders of the individual soul, to follow through the uncomfort dictated by necessity; or to ignore the call in the wilderness and simply speak of concepts, devoid of deed needed to take one beyond. A searing illumination or a blind acceptance, which shall anoint you?

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

To Make Darkness Visible

The Star-Crossed One offers Himself on the Cross, that crux of time and space, so that we can know the fullness of the Ineffable One. The Three stand at the foot of the rood in fateful lamentation yet in an honour-bound weave they are seen nursing the wounds of necessity. Through the will and precision of the Spear of Destiny was the red and white spilt to the Holy Vessel, be that perceived as the humble grail or the yearning earth. All is as it should be, for it has been written in the stellar tapestry.

“Cut wood, I am there; lift stone, I am there.” (The Gospel of Thomas)

He is not dead. For the Son was set free. Our existence forged through His gift.

“I have set fire to this world; to keep it blazing until it burns away.” (The Gospel of Thomas). His message and purpose draws together those with ears to hear. He was and still is denied by the blind; blinkered by the pallid comfort offered through the dogma of stasis and mortal control. The cock may indeed crow thrice heralding the light of dawn but earthly security beckons the need for self-prescribed ignorance; man-made empires overseen by the regency of ego overbear the soul’s longing for enlightenment of Self.

He has been termed the ‘Adversary’, though one would do well to be mindful that it is through wrestling with an angel that the Ineffable One has been known. An obstacle in the form of a crystal prism when placed in the path of a beam of light can allow for a wondrous array of colour and lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the nature of light; irrespective of this, the placement of the object in light’s path deems it an ‘obstacle’ nonetheless, an ‘adversary’ of sorts if you will. How precious informed perspective is!

He is not to be bound by limited expressions of form or stifled thought, for through Him has all form been forged. Through Him do we experience the honoured trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty in every conceived and yet-to-be conceived expression. Through the means of tree and river, the cry of a new born, the language of birds or those dreamt by Man, He has forged the way. Through infinite means will He light a candle for one to traverse a path back Home. Through His Light does the Darkness become visible. Through His form Her force is indeed known.

“Fire, as such is the province of the Alder, the God of the Underworld – Time – that which creates and destroys the world of appearances – finally Bran or Brian/Baal, the God of Fire, of Craft, of lower magic and fertility and death. All things that are of this world belong to him, the Star-Crossed Serpent. So you come to the true meaning of the cauldron. Bring forth the star-son, and you have Dionysus, the horn child and Jesus Christ in one.” ~ Robert Cochrane.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

“Bella Donna”

File:William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Motherland (1883).jpg

Image: ‘The Motherland’ by W.A. Bouguereau (1883)

“Beautiful Lady,
Seductress, enchantress,
Eternal promise of life anew and the fear of death unceasing.

Impartial in your embrace,
All ending is your gift towards new beginning.
How dark is your mantle, how soothing are your words of doom;
As forewarned is forearmed,
So foreboding is folly.

Your thread weaves my shroud,
Your Love spins my story.
Your Chalice is my refreshment
And your Knowing is my reward.”

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

Image: “Valkyrie” by H.W. Bissen (1835)

A Worthy Sacrifice

Many talk of their path, their journey and this beautiful zeal can be a joy to witness, yet it can also be the means of crying another pilgrim ‘thief’, ‘charlatan’ or a misguided soul. Many forget that this is a journey taken by many a pilgrim, some waiver in conviction and may fall by the wayside, ready to step off again at a better suited time, ‘all in kairos’, so it is told. Some may take up the journey in a vain attempt to acquire renown amongst the more wary of their people, that they are walking the Pilgrim’s Road, others may tread the path hoping for absolution at the end of the journey, whilst the few seek to tread the path to guide and protect the humble pilgrim who walk the journey, in whatever capacity they are able.

Regardless of whether I make it to the desired end of the journey for my Self or not, I will take that risk of not ‘arriving’ for the sincere hope that I am able to protect and accompany others who yearn to arrive at the ‘Holy Land’, to have them arrive back ‘Home’, not to a Sepulchre marking Death for Death’s sake, but to the bosom of the Divine.

Not for my Self, not for my Self but for the glory of the Divine will I endeavour to guard the humble seeker.

Truly, there are thieves along the pilgrim’s way and truly there are those deem their path to have the safest passage… though naturally it is usually offered ‘at a price’. Yet truly, I say to those who walk, you are not alone and have faith that you will endure the trials set before you on the path, for one pure of heart, there really is no other way. Though be mindful not to fall prey to arrogance or pride in this unwavering trust and confidence toward your journey. As surely one will merely then have faith in the shadows of what once was granted to the pure of heart; and has now swiftly left them in the outer darkness in order to again recover that golden and elusive purity of Self.

The most sure method to maintain this state of Grace, the gift of humility bestowed, is to be an exemplar of servitude. Not servant to Man for the vain cause and desire of Man and nation, but servant to the All, to the Ineffable, to the Divine. One needs a discipline that comes from the heart, an ‘Internal Rule’; once the Mind resides within the Pure Heart may the Divine outpour from the now Holy vessel of Self. Have we not then become as gods? Knowing granted through partaking of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, this enlivened Mind once it is embraced by the pure Heart enables the Kingdom of Heaven to be realised on Earth. Remember, it is said; “Blessed are the humble in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven……. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5, 3,5). The Divine Love will be realised wholly once the Mind and Heart are one vessel, we will truly know death before dying as we live completely that which is under the rose.

Most beautiful is She! Holy Sophia! For through Her divine breath and tender kiss may Man be re-forged anew! Though before we can rise, we first must die to our Selves, through my servitude to the Divine, through my warding of the humble pilgrim, may I be blessed enough to die daily in honour and remembrance of Her. If I am to fall, may it be in sacrifice that another can be assured the grace of realising fully the divine and manifest trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty, may this favoured pilgrim then aspire to be a sacrifice in humble servitude for yet another.

How blessed the world would be.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

In Light of Humility

Truth isn’t comfortable, it is not the ally of the ego-centred. It will ever allude those seeking fame and fortune, one cannot serve both Truth and Mammon after all (Luke, 16:13), this was shown practically when the adept was instructed to profess nothing but healing of the sick and provide it gratis (Fama Fraternitatis). Truth, the reconciler of perceived paradox; one must lose themselves in order to find their Self. The dark night of the soul grants the most beautiful appreciation towards the light of dawn. Through descending into the centre and surrendering veils previously held close is the means of ascent then assured.

Humility is the cloak of the pilgrim. Adepts of old were instructed to wear the fashions of the country in which they were located, in order that words and works were carried out incognito. The one who authors this blog is nobody, who they are is of no consequence, what matters however, is whether the Word of Truth shines forth or not. As with the finger pointing to the moon, do not concern one’s self with the medium of the message, but the message itself. Wherever the Word is present embrace it, quieten the over-critical and analytical mind and seek to find the inherent lamp within, shining in order to bring Like to Like. Whether the lamp shines dimly or with a glorious blaze varies according to the level of care one has taken to tend to the fire.

Remember this inherent Light, it is a comfort to the weary, yet devoted pilgrim, its warmth reminds that they are not alone in trying the navigate the way back Home. This Light can also be a haunting cry in the wilderness, tormenting those who would seek to live under the mastership of ego and the prospect of material and social attainment. Either way, this inherent Light, this lamp, this internal compass is the most precious gift that we have been bestowed with. There have been those who have extinguished its flames completely or have left it in dying embers, walking blind, and believe that their egoic-self is indeed the centre of all things, that everything revolves around this microcosmic metaphorical earth. What folly! Haven’t we been freed from days of enforced ignorance? So let us not carry forward self-imposed ignorance.

As above, so below.

We understand now that all revolves around the Light, its presence affords us nourishment if our environment is primed for such, it is our guide, our point of reference as we navigate our path. Our inner lamp, that inherent Light is the esoteric sun within the centre of the earth, though this knowledge had in times past, been withheld from the un-initiated lest lack of preparation resulted in the spreading of false gospel. Wisdom is Understanding lived.

Humanity has eaten the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we have the capacity now to become ‘as Gods’, let us not, however, seek to become mere idols in the modern day cult of celebrity, let us not profane the edicts/gifts bestowed upon the regality of the Divine Self. Living within the divine bounds of knowledge of good and evil isn’t to be mistaken for following a dogmatic type of morality, no, it is truly to be living in Wisdom.

As Robert Cochrane once said “all ritual is prayer”, I suggest taking this further and allow one’s life to be as prayer toward the Divine.

Embracing life as living prayer to Godhead will embrace all with the living spirit of reconciliation, the spirit of Truth, ‘the Word that will protect you from the Lie’ (to paraphrase the Magister of The Clan of Tubal Cain, Robin-the-Dart). Let our lives be our means of transmutation, let our Will be Divine Will.

As the pilgrim, cloaked in humility walks the path guided by means of lamplight let them hold these words of humility in their heart:

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine

Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.’

“On the day that you see the Light of your own true Self, you will rejoice!” ~ The Gospel of Thomas

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle.

Reforge and Temper

File:Joseph Wright of Derby. A Blacksmith's Shop.1771.jpg

Everything has a past, this is inescapable. One’s past and steps taken henceforth is what forges the Wyrd of the Soul. Onwards and upwards is the direction sought, for stasis is non-existence. All isn’t forgiven and the slate not wiped clean upon prostrating to a ‘cosmic saviour’. Personal salvation is just that, personal. Reforge and temper until one’s character or soul is that of worth.

Word and deed hold consequences that inherently shape further possible words and deeds or limitations thereof; consideration is a must, lest one falls foul of being ensnared in a woeful trap of their own making. Life is a gift from the old ones, this ‘middle-enclosure’ existence of ours is here for the experience of the soul. It isn’t something to be shunned, wished away in the hope of a glowing reality up in the clouds. We are to live life fully, live life honourably, live life well.

No, we are not our brother’s keeper but let us remember that when we are but dust scattered across the winds it will be our names and associated deeds that will be left behind; left as either a legacy to inspire or a folly to be quickly forgotten.

It has also been said that ‘no man is an island’ (John Donne, 1572-1631), though be mindful of who is invited into the tapestry of your wyrd, as once allowed, threads shall be entwined and Wyrd weaves further accordingly, threads cannot be undone and removed, tears in supplication cannot turn back the clock. Every thought, word and deed must be fully considered if one wishes to live an honourable life and especially so if one wishes to walk the crooked path back Home.

Each is accountable for their individual furrow in the field, responsibility cannot be passed on to another and the shelter of ignorance shall not be given as one attempts to travel the steps of the mystic or wise-one. Our individuality is a tool for the soul, it becomes the means for our life’s journey and seeking of the unknown. As wise-ones, we grow to view our surroundings and interaction therein in such a way that we use the experience of perceived failures and successes accumulated to actively reforge and temper the tool of Ego until it is comparable to that of the honourable hero of old. This outlook may be seen in the following quotation:

“In Fate and the overcoming of Fate is the true Graal, for from this, inspiration comes and death is defeated.” Robert Cochrane

Where one then becomes the provider, warrior and priest of their own wyrd.

Will yours be a story told of spite, vitriol and misery? Or one of immeasurable respect and honour throughout a life well-lived? Or will yours be a tale not recounted at all? Your story is being written as each moment passes, your words and deeds chosen each day forges that memory in which you shall leave behind. With ‘memento mori’ in mind and Wisdom ever-present in your heart, hold-fast that the legacy of your wyrd enables you in faith and sincerity to greet the new day with ‘Today is a good day to die’.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

File:Rhinegold and the Valkyries p 100.jpg

Night of the Mothers

File:Savrasov winter night.JPG

Darkness looms, huddle-up close, united we stand, adversity shall pass. She always looks after Her own.

Mothers’ Night, a night honoured by my ancestors, a night held in my blood, bone and soul, a night in which community, kith and kin, is forged whole.

Central to community is the role of ‘Mother’. Self-sacrifice, from gestation to post-partum, the being of the mother is selflessly given, the result of which is Life, a means of continuation for the Kinsfolk, a strengthening of the community.

During pregnancy, each mother, each partnership, each community shall enjoy/endure their very own ‘Saturnalia’, during this liminal, gestatitive period, boundaries are pushed, pulled, torn asunder as hormonal make-up shifts and stirs within their cauldron of being. Order knows no home here at this Time…

And as above, so below

Listen to the winds… they tell me that Existence was born after this manner. The Cauldron was from stillness stirred… purpose in uncertainty ensues, though such revelry in movement is embraced! Topsy-turvy grants a spring of Life to flow outward, creation is born and re-born. What a blessing to re-live this eternal moment of Now! Brought to the fore throughout this tide, bestowed from the personage of the ‘Mother’.

Like the fool, or court jester may my madness bring forth new outlooks and ideas to those who are ensnared within the torrent of this tide. May your mistress be Wisdom, yet always hold your Mother as Truth, then the community of the ‘cunning’ will be your birthright.

Hold firm this comfort within the bleak, harsh winter months, as all adversity will be overcome. The Light of Truth will be born again throughout our living forge of experience. In the words of my dear brother:

“Remember, She takes care of Her own”

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle


The Perilous Quest

File:Statue St-Michel (Picpus).jpg

Time to ‘get your affairs in order’ as Her cavalcade is looming. As the night grows longer we will soon hear the horn of the Wild Hunt sound. Not for much longer will it be a distant echo, something to disregard in the recesses of mind. She will gather up what is Hers whether prepared or not. A timely invitation we have been granted then, as the tide of Michaelmas is upon us for the moment, a traditional ‘quarter day’ in which debts are settled and new tides are prepared for, a last chance before the Nightmares roam the Land…

St. Michael was seen to defeat the serpent/dragon, the being which had coaxed Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, the result of which was a consciousness of Self, the Ego perhaps?

The dragon should not be seen as slain by Michael but subdued. For the dragon has purpose and is necessary within Time and Space, Ego has carried us thus far within our evolution, it has allowed us to master the arts and crafts, technologies that have been key in our survival, it has given us the means for ‘civilization’. Yet give a powerful beast free rein for long enough and yes… you will get burned eventually. What the serpent had given primordial man was a means to ‘know’ whence we have come and what we are, the ego has been and can continue to be a useful tool, a gateway to ‘knowing’ the true Self, yet only if this beast is conquered, a subjugation until a need arises. To conquer the ego through slaying will tip the balance too far to one extreme, we may then be a nebulous being, nevertheless quite useless within the realm with Time and Space as one would have relinquished the experience of ‘life’ in all of its myriad of forms.

We will do well to remember that the ego is merely a tool to survive Time/Space, evolve and consciously express the Divine will of Self, anything less than this and the tool has been misused, through no fault of the tool itself but the wielder.

Once the dragon is subdued or the ego ‘brought in line’ with Divine Will may the treasure of the Kingdom, which was hoarded by the dragon, be granted to the Hero.

The Perilous Quest outlined above is the quest in which every soul should seek to embark upon, it is the quest in which initiatory traditions allude to, each through their own mythos and iconostasis; this is what has called the Mystery Traditions toward continued existence within the 21st century.

Within the traditions an Oath is given, just as the Hero vows toward their cause. It is through the Oath itself that the severity and peril of the quest itself is recognised, for if it required anything less than complete loyalty and conviction to the cause why Oath/Vow in the first instance? Can the promise of a treasure be truly treasured if it was freely given and had no need of courage and conviction attached to the attainment of it? The Oath gives the Hero a starting point, a place to orientate their quest from, the Oath is the Hero’s armour within the quest, the garter around the sleeve, the reason to carry on.

The proposed Law of any true Mystery Tradition is the initiate’s means of conquering the ego into a subjugation toward the symbiotic relationship with Divine Will. The Law should be of no comfort to the ego, just as the sting of the lance is of no comfort to the dragon, submit or be slain, when survival is prized submission is the option taken, therefore a life lived in regards to the selfless tenets of the Law will sting the ego into a natural submission. Through remaining ever mindful towards the weapon it shall not fail the wielder, success is inevitable, yet it is the steadfastness of the warrior they may falter over Time.

Use this tide to refresh the zeal needed within this quest, Michaelmas tide calls for an Oath, initiation, self-dedication, call it whatever you will; this is an invitation toward introspection, listen to the whisper of the Divine Will. The Oath will strengthen your resolve and the Law is the means of survival and success within this perilous quest. Once the beast is subdued, life in its fullness will be enriched, all that has been locked away is finally given, all debts will be settled as the Land is filled with the essence of at-one-ment and each expresses faithfully the will of the Divine Self, what is forged from then on is fruitful and long may it then continue.

…The thud of the Nightmare’s shoes echo ever louder as the night grows longer, ready or not the Hunt will gather. Take up Her timely invitation, look down at the garter on your sleeve, hold the lance close to your heart, She will recognise Her own, patiently waiting for the Heroic to grant atonement to the Land; until that time the Hunt continues evermore…

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

File:Aasgaardreien peter nicolai arbo mindre.jpg

Heeding the Soul’s Call

File:Frederick Edwin Church 001.jpg

A question was once asked: ‘Who is your god?’

This question threw me, it was blunt, and it was unforgiving.

What kind of a question is that?! I thought. Can such a forthright and probing question be satisfied by a similar-styled answer? Can mere words satisfy my want of expression in regards to such a ‘topic’?

My liege! My god! My ancestors’ expression of the ineffable diffusion of Light! My ‘means’ of being ‘gathered up Home again’!

My identity will be unwillingly constructed in regards to what reply I give; the ‘type’ of person I am assumed to be, hinted at, according to what ‘name’ I offer to the interrogator. As like the Clans and Families of old, there is the inseparable link to their Name, you can know facets of a person through their ancestors’ legacy; likewise a legacy may be judged according to the actions of those in the ‘here and now’. Name is honoured, protected, upheld, a shared identity, a bond forged through the common kinship to ancestor, to tutelary deity. A deity, which may only be ‘fairly judged’ via personal relationship (as is the case with a kinship bond) or in more empirical terms ‘experiential or relational means’. For without this grounding, all that remains is the faculty of Intellect being exercised on a name; the result of such an Intellectual feat will usually fall short of the mark and judgement, opinion or first impression will already be made nonetheless.

Deific names are offered around cyberspace or moots, seemingly like a cheap currency, possibly due to the craving to be given a desired perceived identity; without the deep roots of spiritual ancestry, mistaken concern is given to empty forms as the deeper force contained within such vessels isn’t fully realised. Yet this soon runs the risk of a ‘Who’s Who’ attitude at best, or at worst, a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to slowly develop. One will do well to remember that many are the paths that lead to Rome, paths etched by the ancestral footsteps of differing tribes or peoples, paths that if a true beacon to ‘Home’, must speak the language of the Soul rather than the language of the dominant culture… or whatever is in vogue at the time. This then, lends itself to the thought that like Family (see The Fateful Bonds of Kinship), one’s deity isn’t chosen through the comfortable idea of ‘Free Will’ but ‘has always been’ from the inception of the Soul to the present life in blood and bone.

Once the Soul’s cry has been heeded to, the golden chain can then be fused strong, as a solemn and binding Covenant is formed between itself and the tutelary deity. Only once one ‘takes all that they are given through giving all of themselves’ (paraphrasing Robert Cochrane) is one able to clearly walk the path forged by their People, as they will then be accompanied by the bearer of Light, to navigate and protect them as they surely make their way back ‘Home’ from exile, a prospect treacherous and daunting for those without such Light to guide them.

Forgive me then if, as I am protected by my ancestral deity, I wish to reciprocate that protection towards Him, my guiding Light, the One that allows me to walk clearly this beaten path to Her, to ‘Home’, to Truth, and hold my god close, inseparable, as I wouldn’t bear my soul to those outside of Kin, I too am hesitant offer such a candid or nonchalant answer.

To the question: ‘Who is your god?’

I offer this response, paraphrasing a true spiritual ancestor; ‘Truth is another name for the Godhead’ (Robert Cochrane), though I shall add;

Which paths or ‘names’ we take to get to Truth must be decided not through desire, or Intellect but through the call made via fusion of Spirit, Blood and Bone spoken through the voice of the Soul.

In Lux Veritas.

The Cunning Apostle

File:Hope in a Prison of Despair.jpg