Towards Tomorrow’s Dawn

Another turn of the Mill, onward and upward I strive until I am aloft in the Halls of Heaven.

Do I recognise myself, another year passed? Do I recognise others? As momentum skews the observer’s vision of their external environment. I have seen such folly! A warning to the pilgrim to not fall foul of acting the same. Mere opinion deems one paradigm better than another. Humbly consider that one man’s tree is as great as another’s; whether a system clawing back the bones of the dead, a system aspiring toward lofty idealism or a hybrid of differing approaches, it is only through the fruit that it yields may it be known to any deeper degree.

Yet too, I have seen such yearning from true Seekers of the awakened heart, what inspiration and nourishment these pilgrims offer to one another!

I have stumbled and tripped forward as I traverse this pilgrims’ way. I am not infallible, I am not without fault, I am human and I am that I am, I am no more or no less than this. What a gift the awareness of this state is! A zero-point of being. As the Holy Fool, we can travel the road in a state of profound being, forget not, however, that the Fool carries the weight of past thought, word and deed upon his staff, whether from a previous existence or from the turn of Mill just gone. Each carries the self-constructed load upon their staff, each has their self-made cross to bear. Yet a step at a time we may move forward nonetheless. Carnal desire seeks to grasp at the legs, to make the pilgrim fall and halt the journey’s progression, yet with an ambiguous smile let us move ahead.

A year passed, what is shown for it? Are we a step nearer to becoming a ‘decent’ human being? Have the months past brought us each collectively a step closer to God? Or has it been a year of accumulating trinkets and opinion? What are the fruits of your individual paths this year?

The words that shall accompany this wanderer through 2013 are; ‘Physician Heal Thyself’. What words shall accompany you?

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle.


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