Living Gethsemane

‘Gethsemane’ by Carl Bloch (1879)

I have been a student of the Mysteries for most of my life. I have been an ‘initiate’ of traditions for some years and without doubt further years still. Call me ‘Brother’, ‘Frater’, ‘Sir’ or ‘Mister’, whichever so pleases you and seems to fit at the time, it is of no consequence.

Though have I lived a life worthy of distinction from the populus?

No, I can’t say that I have. Not distinct in any way that is worthy of praise, if any distinction is to be made let it be for pity upon me instead. For who is to be laden more-so with accountability, the one who ‘sins’ in ignorance or the man who transgresses though as one of ‘knowing’?

Truly, She knows every hair on my head; my inner-most thoughts, my words, my deeds, each one and all are put before God. Yet still, She offers me to partake of the chalice, in drinking from such I am doomed, in drinking from such I am indebted. Every day I bear my Cross, I have received but when shall I reciprocate? Am I strong enough to hang on the tree and endure the five wounds, the Round of Life? Will I rise gloriously in Her Name? Or will I be labelled merely as a fallen messiah? Dutifully laying in the womb of the tomb.

Man is unable to read the thoughts and the feelings of the hermit hiding in the cave or cell, no matter how well-intended those thoughts are. Man benefits from action, from selfless behaviours not self-gratifying wanderings of mortal minds.

This is where Love is the bridge, between internal germination and external flowering. This is where I pray that Love shall expose the Light from under the bushels of crania and facades of persona and shall illuminate each and every individual as they interact throughout this web of existence. After all, what merit is there for hoarding gold for gold’s own sake? If one holds more than is necessary for individual need of survival, shouldn’t it be shared for the survival and development of the whole Kingdom?

Indeed, preaching an uncomfortable message will lead one to be mocked, jeered as they experience the course of the five wounds. My message does not appeal to all, maybe the imagery causes some to close their eyes and ears, maybe the message is of no consequence to them? Enjoy hearing it again in the next round.

True, any fool can achieve execration from society, talk is indeed cheap when ‘the proof will be in the pudding’, as it is said.

Christed by She who is Lover, announces me both as a regent and a dead-man.

Will She take this cup from me? Not by my will, but by Hers……

Not likely.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

‘Valkyrie’ by H. W. Bissen (1835)

4 thoughts on “Living Gethsemane

  1. Your gift to me has been the perspective of joyous inclusiveness of where I have been, where others who are also on the path find themselves and the wisdom and beauty of words so beautifully expressed. those things are pearls beyond any price. for that I say, ‘Dua Netjer en ekh, Neb. ‘(Thank the gods for you, sir!)

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