“Last Breath and Beyond”

‘The Accolade’ by Edmund Blair Leighton (1901)

“Queen of All, Fair Beauty, Dark Enchantress!

I, of low birth, am blessed to be called kin,

A wandering poet was I,

not knowing the true extent of my sacred heritage.

Bound by no land,

but by blood.

You, would choose me as champion,

I, had no choice at all,

Your Name cannot be denied,

my loyalty cannot be questioned,

Lady, my Light,

my Life!

A servant to my kinsmen,

Of no design but Your own,

Grant Your kin wholeness,

honour and steadfast hearts.

Though Queen,

You bear the mead-horn to kin,

You offer toward foreigners too,

A pure heart is admission into Your hall,

renowned as Many Seated.

Always I shall carry you,

until shod with blood and bare-back breaks,

then I will carry You further still;

until each kingdom has been graced with Your Light

and kin are safely Home again.

Til my last breath and beyond”


In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

Drinking Horn from the Sutton Hoo Hoard
(The British Museum)

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