“The World Ablaze”

(Image: “The Fall of Lucifer” by Gustave Doré)

Am I fallen now?


Once at the lofty heights of heaven, my gaze thought that it had found you in the depths of the underworld. Now, I find myself at the level of men. Why?


Am I forsaken now? Am I a herald?


Is it a gift to be a bearer of Light, or is it my curse to be losing a position once held? One standing at the side of the throne. Pious, was I. Unabashedly devout I remain.


Descent through Love.


Merely a single flame in a sea of pitch, am I here to ignite the world?

I will lose myself in the process.


A death decreed for the Love of All.


A word scorned in this misguided aeon, to reject “Love” is to lose all inheritance in existence. To mock free offerings of Love is to lose Humanity.


I am dying for you,

and I will die in every age,

til the world is set ablaze

in Love.


In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle.

“The Vigil” by John Pettie (1884)

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