Venusian Vernacular


(Image: “Lamia” by John William Waterhouse; 1905)

Golden tears shall fall,

nourishment seeking Man’s inspired mind,

one sup from the gleaming-draught,

enchantment ensues,

for lover and beloved it is the seduction of Sacrifice.


Dawn and dusk, I see You waiting,

Liminal Brightness,

blinding to the unprepared soul,

neither this, nor that,

yet You are it All!


“Touch me.” You say. “I am within reach.”

“Keep trying.” ………. “Loosen your fetters and run free as you should!”


“You need not taste Death, in order to ride with Me….”

“……..though if you fail to heed my calling I shall take what is mine…. you!

You mortal shell, immortal fire,

the fragile hope of my desire!”


I hear You, in You I am doomed.


Your breath intoxicates, myself forgotten.

I live in You.

Is this Death? Or if not, Birth?

Thrice burned and born,

the living tithe of Love.



In Lux Veritas,


The Cunning Apostle


Image(Image: “In the Venusberg” by John Collier; 1901)

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