A Life Well-Lived

To he who holds the Truth in his hand,

more shall be handed;

he who doesn’t hold the Truth,

even the little he has shall be taken away.

Be your Self, especially when approaching death.’

~ Gospel of Thomas

How chaotic it all may seem, though once one raises awareness outside of their immediate environment the dance of existence can be seen with greater clarity. To be a Watcher perched at the clearest vantage point, perspective is key in this round of Life. All too easily may we be caught in the bramble and thicket, all too easy it is to give in and accept the role of the victim held at the mercy of Man or the Divine. Too readily people offer themselves as the scapegoat, as if martyrdom in existence absolves them from any continuance of toil and strife.

Embrace all that Fate gives you! ‘Take all that you are given..’ after all. She has offered us Life, the playground of Body, Soul and Spirit if one would forgive such an analogy. We have all been given a measure, an incomparable gift from the Sisters, and one that is enlivened and enlightened by Himself. A gift demands a gift, one must not forget this, the time-honoured tradition of ‘gyfu’, whilst the gift of Life isn’t a commodity which Man can give in reciprocity, as that is the prerogative of the Divine, what Man can give in return is a life well-lived. ‘Give all of yourself’.

Within the peak of the summertide, a vast array of colours and forms have seduced the senses up to this point. It can be seem quite ‘natural’ to lose oneself to the glamour of form, to be intoxicated by the lushness of phenomenal existance, to be caught staring at the proverbial finger rather than the moon. Such a vast array of form of existence is gifted so that Man is able to perceive every possible facet of the Divine. Are we looking at merely a form in itself or merely even a shadow cast by fire’s light on a cave wall? Either view at the expense of the other is quite limiting, as our world of existence is indeed the prism in which the light of the Divine is refracted in order that it may be apprehended and known fully. Truly, as when a landscape is explored in its entirety it may be better understood and respected a great deal more, so the smith tempers the Master’s blade knowing fully its constituent materials.

The maxim states that which is above is like that which is below, let us think also that which is within is like that which is without. Following this thread, as the outer form is experienced in a multitude of ways, are we to expect any lack in that which we experience internally? It is commonly considered that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that not all which has place in the forge of existance appeals to the entirety of Man and their collective senses. This view may be continued with the variation of experience as we follow the thread woven and measured for each of us. Not every experience, thought or feeling will always be considered that it has worth or merit, not every experience will seem pleasurable to those subject to it just as not everything is pleasing to one’s eye. All serves a purpose, all experiences are gifted within our Wyrd. We are instructed to ‘Know Thyself’, yet how much of our Selves can we truly know if all that is experienced is pleasurable and stays within boundaries of comfort? This would prove to give a very limited scope of life, and would show a very limited selection of our capabilities, our thresholds, our values and our aspirations.

With courage and fortitude shall life and all of the experiences it offers be faced, like the Hero on the quest will adversary be welcomed, as trials will serve to aid the complete discovery of Self in every facet, just as the Divine is refracted through existence entire. Shall one shrink away at every case of adversity? No, let the words of ancestry stir forth the resolve to overcome:

‘The lame can ride horses, the hand-less drive herds;

the deaf can fight and do well;

better blind than be burned;

no one has use for a corpse.’

~ Havamal, 71

Let us not be intoxicated by all that would distract us from the Great Work, whether it be the allure of material gain, self-pity or self-depreciation for that matter, let not our existence revolve around temporal dramas uncomfortable to the egoic self.

I stood bravely

in the middle of the world;

I came in a body.

I found them drunk!

None were thirsty.’

~ Gospel of Thomas

Instead let us thirst for all that life can throw at us, in order that we can better know ourselves and so the Divine. Let us lead a life well-lived.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle


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