The Feast of Illuminative Fire

What a blessed or cursed position we as Man have been placed, an opinion based on individual perspective. Truly, a walker between worlds. Neither fully primal nor fully divine. A child of promise. Each a Christ-child if one would like, born to a meagre state of being, yet a state that may allow the inherent spirit through the medium of soul to ascend to the numinous height of Divine regents in the ‘here and now’.

An interesting concept to talk about, an uncomfortable reality for one to try and realise.

Yes, talk is easy, talk can be silenced, talk can be quickly forgotten, talk can change with the wind. Fewer are the risks when one merely talks of such an idea. But how far does ‘talk’ take one along spirit’s journey? Remember; ‘actions speak louder than words’.

Thought. Word. Deed. Consequence. Repeat.

A simple alchemy of existence, a considered approach to transmute base behaviours to a golden standard.

We must first experience a baptism of water before the baptism from the fire of Fate is bestowed. We must first experience psychic renewal before pneumatic blessing is granted. The degradation of base patterns and habits leave an empty vessel to allow the regeneration of Mind. Renewed Mind shall promote worthy and honourable deeds, which shall grant a fated consequence, whether a consequence of blessing or bane is of no matter as all is but grist to the Mill as we work toward the transmutation of Self.

Not until this baptism of water, this psychic renewal, this regeneration of Mind has been undertaken will the spirit of the Divine descend upon the individual soul. Not until degradation or emptying has been achieved can the vessel of Self be filled with the grace of the Divine.

Quietened ego allows for better suited acoustics for any measure of Grace bestowed. Let this lead to purified thought, followed by pure word and then deed, let yourself be in Fate, not at odds with the flow of consequence, but willing to accept the baptism of fire, the pneumatic awakening as the Divine Self is then fully realised.

Yet what arrests such aspiration? Is it fear of losing what we have learned to think of as ourselves, our persona? Is it fear of losing societal standing, losing face within social circles? Is it a lack of belief that there is indeed more than what we can ‘achieve’ or ‘acquire’ in this game of Life?

To be granted death before dying dispels these fears and affirms the trust of the Other beyond. Death equals initiation. Man does not initiate, that is the prerogative of the Divine. Man is the prophet, at best the preacher in the wilderness that baptises by the waters of repentance and cleansing. The prophet is the signpost, the guide. Only through this initial baptism and all that it entails will the path be progressed upon, initiation will not occur prior to the preliminary Work. Initiation, though the sanction of the Divine isn’t the goal or destination in itself, just as death isn’t the end goal and the final aspiration of the mystic, it is but a crossroads and to offer yourself to the cross is to choose death and transcendence granted therefrom. As Fate decrees initiation through its Divine hand of Providence, know that there is no reversal, just as the fire cremates the cadaver to ashes, the lick of its baptism is an irreversible succour.

What a curious creature Humanity is? Primal and Divine, we are born of stars and certain breeds wish for death before dying. We can lead each other only so far before it rests on the shoulders of the individual soul, to follow through the uncomfort dictated by necessity; or to ignore the call in the wilderness and simply speak of concepts, devoid of deed needed to take one beyond. A searing illumination or a blind acceptance, which shall anoint you?

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle


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