To Make Darkness Visible

The Star-Crossed One offers Himself on the Cross, that crux of time and space, so that we can know the fullness of the Ineffable One. The Three stand at the foot of the rood in fateful lamentation yet in an honour-bound weave they are seen nursing the wounds of necessity. Through the will and precision of the Spear of Destiny was the red and white spilt to the Holy Vessel, be that perceived as the humble grail or the yearning earth. All is as it should be, for it has been written in the stellar tapestry.

“Cut wood, I am there; lift stone, I am there.” (The Gospel of Thomas)

He is not dead. For the Son was set free. Our existence forged through His gift.

“I have set fire to this world; to keep it blazing until it burns away.” (The Gospel of Thomas). His message and purpose draws together those with ears to hear. He was and still is denied by the blind; blinkered by the pallid comfort offered through the dogma of stasis and mortal control. The cock may indeed crow thrice heralding the light of dawn but earthly security beckons the need for self-prescribed ignorance; man-made empires overseen by the regency of ego overbear the soul’s longing for enlightenment of Self.

He has been termed the ‘Adversary’, though one would do well to be mindful that it is through wrestling with an angel that the Ineffable One has been known. An obstacle in the form of a crystal prism when placed in the path of a beam of light can allow for a wondrous array of colour and lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the nature of light; irrespective of this, the placement of the object in light’s path deems it an ‘obstacle’ nonetheless, an ‘adversary’ of sorts if you will. How precious informed perspective is!

He is not to be bound by limited expressions of form or stifled thought, for through Him has all form been forged. Through Him do we experience the honoured trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty in every conceived and yet-to-be conceived expression. Through the means of tree and river, the cry of a new born, the language of birds or those dreamt by Man, He has forged the way. Through infinite means will He light a candle for one to traverse a path back Home. Through His Light does the Darkness become visible. Through His form Her force is indeed known.

“Fire, as such is the province of the Alder, the God of the Underworld – Time – that which creates and destroys the world of appearances – finally Bran or Brian/Baal, the God of Fire, of Craft, of lower magic and fertility and death. All things that are of this world belong to him, the Star-Crossed Serpent. So you come to the true meaning of the cauldron. Bring forth the star-son, and you have Dionysus, the horn child and Jesus Christ in one.” ~ Robert Cochrane.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle


2 thoughts on “To Make Darkness Visible

  1. I have learned so much from your beautiful and poetic writings, my friend. So much to say in response. I will drop you a personal note. 🙂 FFF

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