“Bella Donna”

File:William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Motherland (1883).jpg

Image: ‘The Motherland’ by W.A. Bouguereau (1883)

“Beautiful Lady,
Seductress, enchantress,
Eternal promise of life anew and the fear of death unceasing.

Impartial in your embrace,
All ending is your gift towards new beginning.
How dark is your mantle, how soothing are your words of doom;
As forewarned is forearmed,
So foreboding is folly.

Your thread weaves my shroud,
Your Love spins my story.
Your Chalice is my refreshment
And your Knowing is my reward.”

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

Image: “Valkyrie” by H.W. Bissen (1835)


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