A Worthy Sacrifice

Many talk of their path, their journey and this beautiful zeal can be a joy to witness, yet it can also be the means of crying another pilgrim ‘thief’, ‘charlatan’ or a misguided soul. Many forget that this is a journey taken by many a pilgrim, some waiver in conviction and may fall by the wayside, ready to step off again at a better suited time, ‘all in kairos’, so it is told. Some may take up the journey in a vain attempt to acquire renown amongst the more wary of their people, that they are walking the Pilgrim’s Road, others may tread the path hoping for absolution at the end of the journey, whilst the few seek to tread the path to guide and protect the humble pilgrim who walk the journey, in whatever capacity they are able.

Regardless of whether I make it to the desired end of the journey for my Self or not, I will take that risk of not ‘arriving’ for the sincere hope that I am able to protect and accompany others who yearn to arrive at the ‘Holy Land’, to have them arrive back ‘Home’, not to a Sepulchre marking Death for Death’s sake, but to the bosom of the Divine.

Not for my Self, not for my Self but for the glory of the Divine will I endeavour to guard the humble seeker.

Truly, there are thieves along the pilgrim’s way and truly there are those deem their path to have the safest passage… though naturally it is usually offered ‘at a price’. Yet truly, I say to those who walk, you are not alone and have faith that you will endure the trials set before you on the path, for one pure of heart, there really is no other way. Though be mindful not to fall prey to arrogance or pride in this unwavering trust and confidence toward your journey. As surely one will merely then have faith in the shadows of what once was granted to the pure of heart; and has now swiftly left them in the outer darkness in order to again recover that golden and elusive purity of Self.

The most sure method to maintain this state of Grace, the gift of humility bestowed, is to be an exemplar of servitude. Not servant to Man for the vain cause and desire of Man and nation, but servant to the All, to the Ineffable, to the Divine. One needs a discipline that comes from the heart, an ‘Internal Rule’; once the Mind resides within the Pure Heart may the Divine outpour from the now Holy vessel of Self. Have we not then become as gods? Knowing granted through partaking of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, this enlivened Mind once it is embraced by the pure Heart enables the Kingdom of Heaven to be realised on Earth. Remember, it is said; “Blessed are the humble in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven……. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5, 3,5). The Divine Love will be realised wholly once the Mind and Heart are one vessel, we will truly know death before dying as we live completely that which is under the rose.

Most beautiful is She! Holy Sophia! For through Her divine breath and tender kiss may Man be re-forged anew! Though before we can rise, we first must die to our Selves, through my servitude to the Divine, through my warding of the humble pilgrim, may I be blessed enough to die daily in honour and remembrance of Her. If I am to fall, may it be in sacrifice that another can be assured the grace of realising fully the divine and manifest trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty, may this favoured pilgrim then aspire to be a sacrifice in humble servitude for yet another.

How blessed the world would be.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle


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