In Light of Humility

Truth isn’t comfortable, it is not the ally of the ego-centred. It will ever allude those seeking fame and fortune, one cannot serve both Truth and Mammon after all (Luke, 16:13), this was shown practically when the adept was instructed to profess nothing but healing of the sick and provide it gratis (Fama Fraternitatis). Truth, the reconciler of perceived paradox; one must lose themselves in order to find their Self. The dark night of the soul grants the most beautiful appreciation towards the light of dawn. Through descending into the centre and surrendering veils previously held close is the means of ascent then assured.

Humility is the cloak of the pilgrim. Adepts of old were instructed to wear the fashions of the country in which they were located, in order that words and works were carried out incognito. The one who authors this blog is nobody, who they are is of no consequence, what matters however, is whether the Word of Truth shines forth or not. As with the finger pointing to the moon, do not concern one’s self with the medium of the message, but the message itself. Wherever the Word is present embrace it, quieten the over-critical and analytical mind and seek to find the inherent lamp within, shining in order to bring Like to Like. Whether the lamp shines dimly or with a glorious blaze varies according to the level of care one has taken to tend to the fire.

Remember this inherent Light, it is a comfort to the weary, yet devoted pilgrim, its warmth reminds that they are not alone in trying the navigate the way back Home. This Light can also be a haunting cry in the wilderness, tormenting those who would seek to live under the mastership of ego and the prospect of material and social attainment. Either way, this inherent Light, this lamp, this internal compass is the most precious gift that we have been bestowed with. There have been those who have extinguished its flames completely or have left it in dying embers, walking blind, and believe that their egoic-self is indeed the centre of all things, that everything revolves around this microcosmic metaphorical earth. What folly! Haven’t we been freed from days of enforced ignorance? So let us not carry forward self-imposed ignorance.

As above, so below.

We understand now that all revolves around the Light, its presence affords us nourishment if our environment is primed for such, it is our guide, our point of reference as we navigate our path. Our inner lamp, that inherent Light is the esoteric sun within the centre of the earth, though this knowledge had in times past, been withheld from the un-initiated lest lack of preparation resulted in the spreading of false gospel. Wisdom is Understanding lived.

Humanity has eaten the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we have the capacity now to become ‘as Gods’, let us not, however, seek to become mere idols in the modern day cult of celebrity, let us not profane the edicts/gifts bestowed upon the regality of the Divine Self. Living within the divine bounds of knowledge of good and evil isn’t to be mistaken for following a dogmatic type of morality, no, it is truly to be living in Wisdom.

As Robert Cochrane once said “all ritual is prayer”, I suggest taking this further and allow one’s life to be as prayer toward the Divine.

Embracing life as living prayer to Godhead will embrace all with the living spirit of reconciliation, the spirit of Truth, ‘the Word that will protect you from the Lie’ (to paraphrase the Magister of The Clan of Tubal Cain, Robin-the-Dart). Let our lives be our means of transmutation, let our Will be Divine Will.

As the pilgrim, cloaked in humility walks the path guided by means of lamplight let them hold these words of humility in their heart:

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine

Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.’

“On the day that you see the Light of your own true Self, you will rejoice!” ~ The Gospel of Thomas

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle.


2 thoughts on “In Light of Humility

  1. I have had this post up to read for several days, only now having the brain space to take it in. And how timely it is. This post hits the nail on the head for me today, lining up with words that came to me today from a spiritual teacher. There are no coincidences. Thank you for this wisdom. It encourages me.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It is truly humbling as it reminds me, also as the pilgrim, that the words throughout should never be held onto as a product of my own design but as a gift shared through the striving to be a worthy vessel of Truth.

      Indeed, there are no coincidences, as Wyrd weaves in wonderful ways.

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