Reforge and Temper

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Everything has a past, this is inescapable. One’s past and steps taken henceforth is what forges the Wyrd of the Soul. Onwards and upwards is the direction sought, for stasis is non-existence. All isn’t forgiven and the slate not wiped clean upon prostrating to a ‘cosmic saviour’. Personal salvation is just that, personal. Reforge and temper until one’s character or soul is that of worth.

Word and deed hold consequences that inherently shape further possible words and deeds or limitations thereof; consideration is a must, lest one falls foul of being ensnared in a woeful trap of their own making. Life is a gift from the old ones, this ‘middle-enclosure’ existence of ours is here for the experience of the soul. It isn’t something to be shunned, wished away in the hope of a glowing reality up in the clouds. We are to live life fully, live life honourably, live life well.

No, we are not our brother’s keeper but let us remember that when we are but dust scattered across the winds it will be our names and associated deeds that will be left behind; left as either a legacy to inspire or a folly to be quickly forgotten.

It has also been said that ‘no man is an island’ (John Donne, 1572-1631), though be mindful of who is invited into the tapestry of your wyrd, as once allowed, threads shall be entwined and Wyrd weaves further accordingly, threads cannot be undone and removed, tears in supplication cannot turn back the clock. Every thought, word and deed must be fully considered if one wishes to live an honourable life and especially so if one wishes to walk the crooked path back Home.

Each is accountable for their individual furrow in the field, responsibility cannot be passed on to another and the shelter of ignorance shall not be given as one attempts to travel the steps of the mystic or wise-one. Our individuality is a tool for the soul, it becomes the means for our life’s journey and seeking of the unknown. As wise-ones, we grow to view our surroundings and interaction therein in such a way that we use the experience of perceived failures and successes accumulated to actively reforge and temper the tool of Ego until it is comparable to that of the honourable hero of old. This outlook may be seen in the following quotation:

“In Fate and the overcoming of Fate is the true Graal, for from this, inspiration comes and death is defeated.” Robert Cochrane

Where one then becomes the provider, warrior and priest of their own wyrd.

Will yours be a story told of spite, vitriol and misery? Or one of immeasurable respect and honour throughout a life well-lived? Or will yours be a tale not recounted at all? Your story is being written as each moment passes, your words and deeds chosen each day forges that memory in which you shall leave behind. With ‘memento mori’ in mind and Wisdom ever-present in your heart, hold-fast that the legacy of your wyrd enables you in faith and sincerity to greet the new day with ‘Today is a good day to die’.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

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6 thoughts on “Reforge and Temper

  1. Beautifully written…and I so agree. The crooked path back home is my life’s breath; my only desire and my reason for living. It is also the thorn in my side and sometimes, a source of heartbreak and pain. How beautiful it all is.

    • Thank you for your words Kay. I am certain that you will find yourself among precious companie, those who are true of heart walk ever along the path thorns and all whenever they are encountered. There really is no choice, once She has you, it’s merely finding a way back..

    • Dear Anonymous, thank you for your questions. It forces me to stop and think, which is never a bad thing.

      As far as an answer, what I can offer in the context of this blog posting, is that thoughts, words and deeds must be considered rather than put forth as an autonomous response to a given environment. One is then acting with ‘consideration’ rather than merely ‘re-acting’ to a situation.

      Against what criteria you ask; this is wholly individual, according to possible behavioural biases that may be the norm for the culture and society that the individual is from and what belief system, if any, they hold. The nature / nurture debate also presents itself here, does one act purely based on societal / cultural / peer group nurturing of self or is there a natural inherent standard that can influence the behaviour of the individual when self is quietened? The answer here is dependent on the answer-er’s worldview and personal belief system. My personal view is that, if deemed necessary by the individual, nurtured behaviour can be quietened as one seeks the inner voice that acts as compass and navigates the soul accordingly.

      Thank you again Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Other Anonymous for your question.

      The Cunning Apostle

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