The Perilous Quest

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Time to ‘get your affairs in order’ as Her cavalcade is looming. As the night grows longer we will soon hear the horn of the Wild Hunt sound. Not for much longer will it be a distant echo, something to disregard in the recesses of mind. She will gather up what is Hers whether prepared or not. A timely invitation we have been granted then, as the tide of Michaelmas is upon us for the moment, a traditional ‘quarter day’ in which debts are settled and new tides are prepared for, a last chance before the Nightmares roam the Land…

St. Michael was seen to defeat the serpent/dragon, the being which had coaxed Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, the result of which was a consciousness of Self, the Ego perhaps?

The dragon should not be seen as slain by Michael but subdued. For the dragon has purpose and is necessary within Time and Space, Ego has carried us thus far within our evolution, it has allowed us to master the arts and crafts, technologies that have been key in our survival, it has given us the means for ‘civilization’. Yet give a powerful beast free rein for long enough and yes… you will get burned eventually. What the serpent had given primordial man was a means to ‘know’ whence we have come and what we are, the ego has been and can continue to be a useful tool, a gateway to ‘knowing’ the true Self, yet only if this beast is conquered, a subjugation until a need arises. To conquer the ego through slaying will tip the balance too far to one extreme, we may then be a nebulous being, nevertheless quite useless within the realm with Time and Space as one would have relinquished the experience of ‘life’ in all of its myriad of forms.

We will do well to remember that the ego is merely a tool to survive Time/Space, evolve and consciously express the Divine will of Self, anything less than this and the tool has been misused, through no fault of the tool itself but the wielder.

Once the dragon is subdued or the ego ‘brought in line’ with Divine Will may the treasure of the Kingdom, which was hoarded by the dragon, be granted to the Hero.

The Perilous Quest outlined above is the quest in which every soul should seek to embark upon, it is the quest in which initiatory traditions allude to, each through their own mythos and iconostasis; this is what has called the Mystery Traditions toward continued existence within the 21st century.

Within the traditions an Oath is given, just as the Hero vows toward their cause. It is through the Oath itself that the severity and peril of the quest itself is recognised, for if it required anything less than complete loyalty and conviction to the cause why Oath/Vow in the first instance? Can the promise of a treasure be truly treasured if it was freely given and had no need of courage and conviction attached to the attainment of it? The Oath gives the Hero a starting point, a place to orientate their quest from, the Oath is the Hero’s armour within the quest, the garter around the sleeve, the reason to carry on.

The proposed Law of any true Mystery Tradition is the initiate’s means of conquering the ego into a subjugation toward the symbiotic relationship with Divine Will. The Law should be of no comfort to the ego, just as the sting of the lance is of no comfort to the dragon, submit or be slain, when survival is prized submission is the option taken, therefore a life lived in regards to the selfless tenets of the Law will sting the ego into a natural submission. Through remaining ever mindful towards the weapon it shall not fail the wielder, success is inevitable, yet it is the steadfastness of the warrior they may falter over Time.

Use this tide to refresh the zeal needed within this quest, Michaelmas tide calls for an Oath, initiation, self-dedication, call it whatever you will; this is an invitation toward introspection, listen to the whisper of the Divine Will. The Oath will strengthen your resolve and the Law is the means of survival and success within this perilous quest. Once the beast is subdued, life in its fullness will be enriched, all that has been locked away is finally given, all debts will be settled as the Land is filled with the essence of at-one-ment and each expresses faithfully the will of the Divine Self, what is forged from then on is fruitful and long may it then continue.

…The thud of the Nightmare’s shoes echo ever louder as the night grows longer, ready or not the Hunt will gather. Take up Her timely invitation, look down at the garter on your sleeve, hold the lance close to your heart, She will recognise Her own, patiently waiting for the Heroic to grant atonement to the Land; until that time the Hunt continues evermore…

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

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