Heeding the Soul’s Call

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A question was once asked: ‘Who is your god?’

This question threw me, it was blunt, and it was unforgiving.

What kind of a question is that?! I thought. Can such a forthright and probing question be satisfied by a similar-styled answer? Can mere words satisfy my want of expression in regards to such a ‘topic’?

My liege! My god! My ancestors’ expression of the ineffable diffusion of Light! My ‘means’ of being ‘gathered up Home again’!

My identity will be unwillingly constructed in regards to what reply I give; the ‘type’ of person I am assumed to be, hinted at, according to what ‘name’ I offer to the interrogator. As like the Clans and Families of old, there is the inseparable link to their Name, you can know facets of a person through their ancestors’ legacy; likewise a legacy may be judged according to the actions of those in the ‘here and now’. Name is honoured, protected, upheld, a shared identity, a bond forged through the common kinship to ancestor, to tutelary deity. A deity, which may only be ‘fairly judged’ via personal relationship (as is the case with a kinship bond) or in more empirical terms ‘experiential or relational means’. For without this grounding, all that remains is the faculty of Intellect being exercised on a name; the result of such an Intellectual feat will usually fall short of the mark and judgement, opinion or first impression will already be made nonetheless.

Deific names are offered around cyberspace or moots, seemingly like a cheap currency, possibly due to the craving to be given a desired perceived identity; without the deep roots of spiritual ancestry, mistaken concern is given to empty forms as the deeper force contained within such vessels isn’t fully realised. Yet this soon runs the risk of a ‘Who’s Who’ attitude at best, or at worst, a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to slowly develop. One will do well to remember that many are the paths that lead to Rome, paths etched by the ancestral footsteps of differing tribes or peoples, paths that if a true beacon to ‘Home’, must speak the language of the Soul rather than the language of the dominant culture… or whatever is in vogue at the time. This then, lends itself to the thought that like Family (see The Fateful Bonds of Kinship), one’s deity isn’t chosen through the comfortable idea of ‘Free Will’ but ‘has always been’ from the inception of the Soul to the present life in blood and bone.

Once the Soul’s cry has been heeded to, the golden chain can then be fused strong, as a solemn and binding Covenant is formed between itself and the tutelary deity. Only once one ‘takes all that they are given through giving all of themselves’ (paraphrasing Robert Cochrane) is one able to clearly walk the path forged by their People, as they will then be accompanied by the bearer of Light, to navigate and protect them as they surely make their way back ‘Home’ from exile, a prospect treacherous and daunting for those without such Light to guide them.

Forgive me then if, as I am protected by my ancestral deity, I wish to reciprocate that protection towards Him, my guiding Light, the One that allows me to walk clearly this beaten path to Her, to ‘Home’, to Truth, and hold my god close, inseparable, as I wouldn’t bear my soul to those outside of Kin, I too am hesitant offer such a candid or nonchalant answer.

To the question: ‘Who is your god?’

I offer this response, paraphrasing a true spiritual ancestor; ‘Truth is another name for the Godhead’ (Robert Cochrane), though I shall add;

Which paths or ‘names’ we take to get to Truth must be decided not through desire, or Intellect but through the call made via fusion of Spirit, Blood and Bone spoken through the voice of the Soul.

In Lux Veritas.

The Cunning Apostle

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