The Fateful Bonds of Kinship

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Too loosely it seems, that the terms ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’ are thrown about, as if it is a mere nickname for a friend or acquaintance, the ‘in’ thing to do maybe? Too often it seems, that these terms are put on others without a mutual consent, as a way of ‘owning’ a relationship with another and the perceived ‘status’ that the relationship may bring.

This is no different to the tom-cat urinating all over its territory! This is not the true spirit of Kinship.

On the whole, friendships and acquaintances can be won or lost with a matter of ease and effortless simplicity when compared to the inseparable bond of Kinship once recognised as such. To be Kin is to surrender the whims and wants of singular self in favor for what is necessary for the nurturing continuation of one’s People.

“Do not what you desire, do what is necessary..”

~ (Robert Cochrane)

The concept of Kinship would be too burdensome for those who look for and hold on to a security found in their own ego, own reflection, own ‘world’. Within the occult community and the neo-pagan sphere the idea of Kinship seems somewhat romanticised; a sickly-sweet lullaby to soothe the lonely wanderer. As in nature, however, this sweetness and soothing is only half of the reality. The most beautiful flower or most majestic tree is only supported by the deep, unromantic, unerring roots, acting by necessity, hidden from view.

Toil, strain, adversity, things that are usually shied away from when faced individually, are met head-on when one’s People are experiencing such. One cannot shy away and pretend that their life of ‘self’ is all okay, an attitude of: “I will just stay quiet and keep the head beneath the parapet, this will all blow over soon” is the misgivings of an acquaintance or a friend at best, who would greet with open arms shouting “Brother! Sister!” when it was safe to do so again. This is not the behaviour of Kin, as true Kinship is not the easy path.

Is Kinship, true Kinship, something to be sought after? Can it be sought after? As if it were an aim to achieve within the choice and control of mortal mind. “You can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family” is an adage to be considered indeed. Being re-united with those who share the Mark is a blessing indeed, yet it was out of my hands and so by Her Grace I was pulled and I am enveloped, for better or worse, together we now stand.

When Troths are given, and vows are made upon the crossed roads (see Veritas Omnia Vincit), it is pledging loyalty through the rough and joyous laughter through the smooth. Submitting one’s self within Himself, an obligation shared in Her Name, upholding Her honour in Truth. It is the discovery of Self and surrendering it as an offering for one’s People which is a true and worthy sacrifice. The tethers of ego are to be loosed, the ties that bind now are bonds of Kinship. Without realising, the false-self slowly whithers and fades, actions and thoughts that previously may not have been seen to be ‘yours’ are now being made, for now you are Kin and how you act is now for the good of the whole, the Kinsfolk must continue in order for those searching to be gathered ‘home’ again, this is the unitive priority, this priority is natural and goes without question. One’s totality, is shared in “the blood“, surrendered in Truth; strength in unity, through which a continued heritage, a legacy shining out as a beacon for those of Family to look towards and walk the path back home.

Some may feel that this is a heavy burden, a burden which shouldn’t be imposed on them as they search for their ‘own truth’; these are the people that should think twice before declaring the Fateful bonds of Kinship.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

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2 thoughts on “The Fateful Bonds of Kinship

  1. I found this article about kinship to be so moving that I posted it on my fb wall. I’m sure there are plenty of people in my area can get a lot out of it.
    Thank you friend!
    Beth Hoover

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