Shifting sands consumed by Fire


Am I an occultist?

Not by recent standards set. I hold no place in wider occult community save that of my kin. Kinship transcends labels, the need of such labels dissipates when bonds have been ‘remembered’, when we have been re-membered with the ‘Divine’.

The wider occult ‘community’ may be viewed as being in a state of unknowing dismemberment. Disparate links clawed together; an attitude of: ‘If the Fire chooses not to forge impurities strong, let observers be victim to the glamour, so that its lack of functionality isn’t noted’. Praxis and belief, adopted, learned, traded-in for the latest trend. Move over the god-fearing peasant that values the lost aspiration of humility in devotion and earthly-living; here is the ‘avant-garde’, noise for noise sake. “Join and praise these new strides, or be an outcast!” seems to be the cry.

I can see it already: “Let each have their own little piece of Heaven, but please make sure it is marketable in shock-value, spread this contrived Gospel knowing that you’re ‘avant-garde’, knowing that yours is a standard that everyone must meet if they are to have a place in ‘community’.

A view seems to be held that the ‘Interior Life’ should not be spoken of because it cannot be sold, cannot be cloth or leather-bound as a ‘deluxe edition’ of praxis. Possibly, this mystic or devotional life cannot be shared unless a shallow ‘community’ is forsaken and precedence is given towards a small ‘kinship’, if shared at all, for it is one’s ‘re-memberment’ or ‘real-isation’ of Godhead.

It is said, almost like a mantra, though not comprehended possibly; that ‘This path is for the Few and not the Many’.

A hard concept for those selling a product, an idea or ideal to consider. A hard concept to accept in the social-network era of amassing ‘friends’ or the blogosphere of accumulating ‘followers’ or ‘subscribers’. Yet a concept to consider none-the-less.

Whether one is swept along the ever-changing tides/fashions within any ‘community’, or whether one is a separate observer of the shifting sands, it does still hold purpose; relationships are rendered; to individuals, to movements, to ideas. This is important in one’s individual argosy, for how valuable it is to be able to consider how one ‘relates’ to another? As it is through this initial process that the alchemy of self is able to initiate.

Shedding of labels, pure Fire of the Divine begins to burn away the dross.

Interesting process this transmutation, it was never a conscious goal from the outset and even now is not something I can choose to occur at my own comfortably directed pace, I am subject to Fate’s hand, yet realising this is a strange way of overcoming perceived passivity. When considered, the term ‘real-ise‘ hints at rather active connotations. Words echo True from one who was no stranger to being the outsider:

“In Fate and the overcoming of Fate lies the true Grail” ~ Robert Cochrane

Are you one to be subject to the art of glamour, to be swept along? Or will you be one that can comfortably view from the outside, who is willing to consider how the self and ‘true-self’ relates, re-members and comes to real-ise? I will take the latter, for blessing or curse.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle

File:Hildegard von Bingen Liber Divinorum Operum.jpg



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