Veritas Omnia Vincit – Truth Conquers All

File:Leighton-God Speed!.jpg

I have an enemy.

It has been an age since I have had such unwavering clarity and purpose.

Ego. You shall not usurp the throne! Know the necessary place granted to you and demand no more!

My own ‘ego’ willingly surrenders to thralldom as my Liege is called Truth and I have been bestowed the honour of holding Her daughter Wisdom as my Beloved. The marriage date is set upon the fullness of the moon, two as one, the mystical ‘I do’ declared upon the crossroads, Gyfu’s face, the ego of a man now sacrificed upon this Holy Rune. Eat, drink and be merry at this union feast, hold your Beloved close as you leave for the Marriage Chamber, upon the morn you shall then rise anew, life then-on obligated to protect the kingdom in which your fealty lies, the Kingdom of Truth.

The unwavering loyalty is reciprocal towards true champions of Truth, married to Wisdom, this Oath pervades the threshold of Time and the bridal-purse ensures the Champions’ protection, the ancestors embrace and sustain the wellbeing of all true kin without exception once loyalty to Truth and Faithful Love towards the Bride has been declared. Turn away from petty distraction, the venom and false account spit through the mouths of the ‘ego-obsessed’. Know that the kingdom in which you belong and She that heads it, Truth, can never be taken by force, or by the will of any, it is a Grace bestowed on the true pilgrim that surrenders to Her will. Through willing surrender you have been gifted unknowable freedom! Truth will conquer all, become Her Champion!

The pilgrim becomes Her Champion when the reciprocal Love of Wisdom blossoms in their core, the ‘I do’ of this union has then been uttered; they shall then fight for Truth, and they shall not fall. The Lie assumes that winning strategies are held, yet illusory prizes will rot to dust and will be scattered into obscurity by the Winds. Ivory towers will tople, false ’empires’ will crumble, yet the Trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty will remain steadfast for those who hold it dear, it is not a commodity to be bought or sold, this Trinity is the inescapable essence which will hold the Faithful strong as all would-be usurpers are overcome.

Stay true to your vows held upon the Crossroads, never look back to your life of old, hold fast to your inherited Kingdom now, heed not to the false witness of the blind.

I had an enemy.

Through its demise I am filled now with the Word, what I have been granted is eternal. Join me, we shall uphold Her throne, together in the Trinity of Truth, Love and Beauty we shall remain as One.

In Lux Veritas,

The Cunning Apostle.

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